The particle way

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Count down to "The Relay"

Only six more weeks before "The Relay". The week, we are going to switch to a more aggressive training schedule. We will be training to run just like in the real race, i.e. run three segments, each 8 to 9 hours apart. This is on top of our week day normal running schedule. OK, the schedule for this weekend will be three 3.5 miles segments at Friday 7 pm, Saturday 8 am and then 5 pm. Don't know if we could handle this kind of crazy style of running... Going to know soon :) If we are doing ok this weekend, we will increase the mileages by 10% each week until October 15. Run run run!

Angel Island camping trip

Recently I went camping with 3 of the my cell group buddies on Angel Island. Nice place! We went there only for 1 night and 2 days. It was surprisingly quiet and nice, and much less windy than expected. I was afraid our heads will be blown away by the wind before the trip :) Our camp site was facing the ocean. Well, a view like this is going to cost you at least a couple of million dollars (if you buy a house in SF with this view :D). We experienced this for one day, $20. Not too bad :) I also consider Angel Island camp sites to be good, much better than the usual American style car camp sites (i.e. the "bring-your-satellite-dish-campsites" :D) I still miss the camp sites in the Canada Algonquin Provincial Park. Anyway, more photos of this trip here.


Last Sunday (8/28/2005) was our trip sharing. It was the last chapter of our China trip. Finally I am done with all the China trip related stuffs. From preparation, going to China and back, debriefing, post-production (pictures, etc) and then sharing, took us almost 3 months. It was really something. So many happy moments, so many sad moments. I still remember the young people from the dumpling place, just like everything happened yesterday. I will remember this trip forever.

Monday, August 15, 2005

What was I up to lately?

Well, dealing with 2800 pictures is not fun, especially when my computer (geek alert!) swap drive was set to PIO mode (instead of UDMA)... in short, rather than 40 MB/s, I was swapping in 2 MB/s. Yes, that really hurt. I only noticed (and later fixed) the problem when I was burning the DVDs, after I was done with the pictures editing. Sigh... So, for the past two weeks, I was suffering from diarrhea for the first week, and editing and buring pictures for the second week. Oh, I also managed to run 3 times (6 slow miles twice, 4 fast miles once). More to prepare for the official church sharing. It will be in our church LGCC on Sunday 8/28. Let me know if you are interested, and I will give you more details.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Have not updated the blog for a while...

I have not updated the blog for more than a month. No, I am not THAT lazy. During the time, I went to China for a short term missionary trip. I need to start a new blog for the trip for security reason. I was planning to move everything over here... but I am just too lazy :) So here is a link to the China's trip. Oh, the choice of words were a little bit unusual due to, again, security. So do your best to guess the meaning :) Enjoys!