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Monday, January 31, 2005

Kung Fu Hustle

Well, I am quite disappointed by the movie Kung Fu Hustle. I was thinking, with so many ex-Kung-Fu stars in this movie, they could have made a real kung-fu movie. Oh well, I guess they think CGI effect is cooler. To me, the CGI is quite a bit over the top. And... where is the actress? I think I saw her face for... 5 seconds? And she don't have any script either, because she is mute in the movie.

I still enjoys the movie. Like the other Stephen Chows' movies, it is quite funny (e.g. the knives throwing sense, the couple introdued themself as "Son Diu Hop Liu" in the casino, etc). But i think they tune down the Hong Kong style words jokes... maybe to make sure the internation audience understand the movie?

On the side note... don't think too many people know the landlady was trained by the same Master as Jackie Chan. She is the "third sister", with the nickname "Female bandit". Have not been in the movie for more than 20 years. Oh, she also appeared in an old James Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun and saved Roger Moore :)

SkyBlue, a mini-review

Watched the movie yesterday. What can I say... my friend fell asleep during the first part of them movie. Ok, it wasn't that bad :)

I think the story line is very predictable - In the near future, the sun is covered by dark cloud, with pouring toxic rain everyday. The only city left on this Earth is Ecoban. People don't belong to this city were forced to live outside the city, and were forced to mine energy for the city. In turn, the city give them food, and the right to live. Then an intruder hacked into Ecoban system. A beautiful security guard (Jay) found out the intruder is her first love, which disappeared long long time ago. He (Shua) came back not to see her, but to prepare for the destruction of the city (in order to restore the sky). And the security commander (Cade), who is in love with her, found out and tried to stop Shua. And, of course, Cade thought he killed Shua long time ago...

The story line, you can pretty much guess everything from here - our hero saved the world and happily together with his lover. So the usual stuff.

The animation, however, is quite beautiful. They blended the oil painting type of background with the characters quite well. For example, I really like this one. There are quite a few action sequences, but not way overdone like some Japanese animation.

The movie also give me the feeling of Matrix (the cloudy sky) and
Laputa: Castle in the Sky
(the energy cube, glider, etc). I think the story writer and director are all grown up watching those great movies (who aren't?).

Overall, I enjoys the movie.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


This Korean animation looks pretty cool. It lightened the producer's wallet by US $10M.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Story of Bible... with Lego

This is good. I think kids (and parents) will enjoy the Lego characters and learn Bible.

I really like their humor. Many of their photos make me laugh out loud. Even though I am a Christian, I found them funny :)


Time for Sundance film festival 2005. Wish I were there...

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Give my thank you to... TravelZoo!!!

Remember TravelZoo gave 3 free shares of their stock during the Internet Boom day? Ha, I found the email, and got the cash from them today! Here is the check :D

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Soft(ware) porn?

Bill is not a nerd! ... eeeehhhhhhh, I take it back.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Human Clock

Cool clock displaying time with pictures submitted by interesting people from all around the world.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

A very cool bike

I don't think I will ever learn to ride on a bike, but this is a really cool future bike. Made by Bombardier, the Canadian aircraft manufacturer. I think it is call Embrio.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Stupid cellphone trick (info)

Just found out one interesting thing. If you called someone's cell-phone, normally it will ring 5 times before forwarding to message box. But, if the person you call pressed "Ignore" on their cell phone, the call will be switched immediately to message box. (The has been verified on my Verizon Samsung phone). So it is a useful way to know if the one you called trying to avoid you or not :)

Blog split

Just splitted my blog into 2, one for more private stuff, the other... eh... public stuffs :)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Stunning CGI

A cgi movie (from Screenhead). One word, "Amazing". Take a bit of time to load, but well worth the wait.

It sucks...

I typed 200 words of blog, and just for the heck of it, I did spell check... and viola... IE blocked the popup, and when I click "Temporary allow popup", all the things I typed - GONE!!! Stupid blogger and IE! Next time... save the #&(@#^* draft!

Oh well...

Just found out, pictures cannot be uploaded to blogger. Need external link. Too bad, how I wish they could integrate the two together. Damn... I wanted to post the picture of my "not-perfect-but-quite-ok" souffles :)

What did I post on LiveJournal?

Here it is..."Slashdot directed me to this site. Pretty interesting... I have been thinking of doing my blog since I joined flickr. I guess today is a good time. Oh, I just made my first successful souffle after the second trials. Not bad, not bad."

Strange day

5 minutes after I wrote my first blog on, I decided to switch to blogger... Reason? I think blogger look a little bit nicer... ok much nicer :)