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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Have not been blog for a while. Finally have the motivation to blog again - I went sailing last Sunday with my co-workers. It was Mike's first time to be the caption of a sail boat after his training. Well, we had a blast! Too bad I had a bad sea-sick, even after taking Dramamine. In fact, the drug made me sleepy, and worsen my sickness. Oh well, I still enjoyed the trip. I had so much fun going out to sea, learning the complicated terms to describe simple things like wind coming in from left or right (oh, I don't remember any of them now :D). Tons of things to check before going to water (e.g. pumps, values, engine, oil, etc). Even with all the checking, we have unexpected problems when we got out: we went straight into thick fog (had to navigate with compass, sea map, Serguei's GPS and his brain... man, without Serguei, we would be doomed), the engine overheated (we were in the middle of nowhere with mild wind, and wanted to get back to land faster, so we used the diesel engine), the onboard GPS was totally broken, we used wrong wind speed scale (true vs apparent)... hey, but caption Mike led us back safely, and he parked the sail boat perfectly (parking a boat is way more difficult than anyone can imagine).

Pretty interesting stuffs. I might learn it if I can fix my motion sickness :P


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