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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The importance of being Asics

Ok, the correct title should be - the importance of having a good running shoes. I went to buy a new running shoes last Saturday. I was happy to find out my current pair (Nike Air Structure Triax) is not a bad running shoes. The shop owner let me try the newer version of the same shoes, I noticed the new one has a much better cushioning. Then he went on to let me try the Asics GT-2100. How could I describe it... they are even bouncier than the new Air Structure Triax. I didn't like the feeling at first. Somehow, it made my muscles around the knee feeling more tired. On the other hand, I do "feel" I will be able to run faster with the "bounce". Anyway, I bought the shoes.

The next day, I went to Foster City and ran for 5 miles with my new shoes. Well, the shoes are indeed pretty good. My legs felt relax after the run, and no pain at all the next day. My friend who was complaining about the aching toes and leg muscles also felt much much better with the new shoes (we bought the same shoes). The shoes passed the first test with flying color. Next time, I will try the shoes on the treadmill. Let see if the new shoes help to improve my speed.


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