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Saturday, May 07, 2005

OMF workshop - "Grasping God's Call"

IMHO, this is the best and the most encouraging workshop among the four I'd been to. This was supposedly to talk about how to grasp God's calling. Ended up they were sharing with us how they grasped God's calling and went to China to serve, and what they learnt from their experience. (They were in China for more than 8 years, mainly working for Evergreen).

I think as a Christian, I always use "God's calling" as an excuse for not to do certain things. For example, if I don't want to take up a post in church, I would tell myself I didn't hear God's calling for me, so I won't help. Pretty lame. And I bet many people also used the same excuse to not go for missionary. Dr. (medical doctor) David Leung and his wife, Vivian shared with us that they didn't get a call from God, but still ended up going to China. That is a scary fact for many Christians. He also reminds me something I already know: God didn't call us to stay neither!

Ok, back to his work. He told us one story. He said some guy he never meet before seems to know him well. He wonder why, so he asked this guy how he learnt about him. The guys say, "Oh, my co-workers always talk about you. You are THE doctor who is willing to touch the sick patients." [Apparently in China, doctor don't give patient much respect]. He said, don't assume people are not watching what we did. They are watching us in many ways (esp. in China).

So the best way to spread gospel is to love your families, love your neighbours and love your enemies. Let them see how we live our life, and they will be touched.


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