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Saturday, May 07, 2005

OMF Conference

Last week I went to the OMF Conference - Serving Christ in the Chinese Century. The speakers were Jamie Taylor IV (Great-great son of J. Hudson Taylor)and Dr. Matthew Koh (MSI). Jamie was awesome! He is funny and speaks prefect Mandarin! Amazing.

Ok, I learnt most from their workshops. I attended "Reaching China's National Minorities", "Lessons From the Church in China", "Befriending Your Mainland Chinese Neighbours" and "Grasping God's Call".

The "Reaching China's National Minorities" was presented by Peter Kim. He talked about what the Yao/Mien people. They have around 3 million people, living int the mountain (hence hard to reach), speaks 13 different dialects, and sadly, were among the poorest in China. What touched me most was the speaker. I was so surprise to find out he is Korean! He came to US to learn English at first, but was touch by God, and decided to go all the way to China to learn Mandarin and serve the Yao people. I really admire his passion.

I'll talk about the other workshops later.


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