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Saturday, May 07, 2005

OMF workshop - "Befriending Your Mainland Chinese Neighbours"

This was a fun workshop. The speaker, Dr Doug Vavrosky, aka Pastor Lee, is an amazing speaker. Not only he knew how to speak Mandarin, he also learn to write Chinese characters! Really amazing.

He gave an in-depth look into Chinese culture and behaviours. For example, don't let them lose "face" in public (that is the most general and the most important rules for all Chinese, I suppose). What make them lose face? Well, for one, correct their mistake / idea / proposal in front of everyone - NOT GOOD! He also pointed out people from China are extremely relying on reason. Maybe because of the education system in China. They also strongly believe in self-effort. In general, they also think "love" is conditional (except for [close] relatives). Put it the other way, they don't believe there is un-conditional love. And they like to ask questions :) Which is a very good thing (if we could answer their question :P). Oh, for Chinese, a "yes" do not always mean "yes" :) The best way to befriending with them is through food / dinner (of course!)


  • I had been attending a London Taiwan Seminar since last Fall. It was intriging to see Brits speaking fluent Mandarin (even Taiwanese), reading and writing as well.

    It is held by the anthopology department from University of Lonodn.

    They hold such great ethusasticsm to study Chinese. The seminar series I went to was focusing on Taiwanese death ritual and burial practice.

    Interesting to see how westerners try to make sense out of the world by studying what we have taken for granted over few centaries. At the same time, I have come to know Chinese better. For example, why is monotheism doesn't seem to hold large ground in Chinese history?

    I want to study anthropology...

    By Anonymous joey, at 1:49 PM  

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