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Friday, February 11, 2005

Funny Chinese Slogans

Regarding criminals:
- 在河南的國道上看見的: "搶劫警車是違法的!!"
(Illegal to rob (steal?) police car)
- 在山東看到的標語:"光纖沒銅,偷也沒用"
(Optical fiber does not contain copper. No use to steal.)
- 有一路口有一標語,上書: "投案自首是犯罪" ,大吃一驚之餘往下看...還有: "份子的唯一出路"
(Ah... too difficult to translate....)

Regarding birth control:
- 雲南楚雄某農村標語: "一人超生,全村結紮!"
(One extra baby, whole village to vasectomize!)
- 北京某遠郊縣: "少生孩子多種樹,少養孩子多養豬!"
(Give fewer birth, grow more trees. Feed fewer child, farm more pigs!)



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