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Monday, February 07, 2005

2046 (continue)

To be honest, 2046 is not the best movie directed by Wong Kai Wai. Personally, I like Chungking Express more... way more, than this movie. I feel 2046 is completely lack of focus. I think he just pieced everything together at the last minute. I can feel he changed his mind (too) many times during the filming... maybe he has no idea what he really wanted this time. A movie in making for 5 years, well, I can understand why he kept experimenting with different stories, different actors, different techniques and changed his mind so many times (esp. because he is "Wong Di Do" [Wong, the Big Director]). But please, in the end, give me a focus movie. Or just break it into a couple of stories, like what he used to do. Yes, I am disappointed by him this time. Oh well, time to re-watch Chungking Express.


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