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Sunday, February 06, 2005


Finally watch 2046. I think my expectation was set so low that it actually turned out to be a good movie. I was surprised to hear people said the movie was difficult to understand or boring. Well, his movie has to be "feel", i.e. you have to be in the mood too.

Story line is pretty simple, it continues from the last movie In the mood for love - what happened to Tony Leung after Maggie Cheung left him. Well, more precisely, how Tony (or any men who have suffered a major love disaster) pieced back his life, leave the questions and memory behind him and move forward. The journey (the time-travel train departed from year 2046 to the future) could be short, but could be very long, maybe forever for some people. Good thing is, during this (potentially) long journey, there are beautiful female robot stewards serving you. They were there to help you to forget the past and heal your wound if you allow them to. However, there are two catches. First, you cannot fall in love with them (as a rule of the train). Second, those stewards have been travelling in time for so long, and their "emotion" become very "slow" - when they wanted to cry now, they tears came out after 10 hours. But Tony (in the image of the Japanese actor) found out, maybe the robots are not slow, they react slow just because they may be thinking of other person (just like him). In effect... the hugging (and love) they gave to Tony, was a temporary mutual-comforting act. (Ok, there is one other love story taken up a lot of time, but I would say it is totoally out of place and unnecessary, so I skipped talking about that part).

This film ended with a... I would definitely say a happy ending, at least for Tony. He finally broke away from his deep secret (and memory) with Maggie. His journey on the time-travel train, finally came to an end. Give me a lot to think about myself...


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