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Sunday, April 17, 2005

A Star War joke

Obi-Wan and Luke were both very hungry after their long speeder trip to that wretched hive of scum and villiany, Mos Eisley. They settled themselves in a cantina and ordered a big dinner of noodles, rice, sweet and sour dewback, and other oriental style goodies.

The food soon arrived and they set to. Obi-Wan handled his chopsticks deftly, quickly and securely picking up a noodle here, a prawn ball there. He soon sat back satisfied, and let out a quiet burp.

Luke, on the other hand, was in a right state. He just couldn't get the hang of the sticks, and had dropped far more food on the table and down his front than he had managed to get into his mouth. He sat, surrounded by rice and noodle debris, still as hungry as when he started.

Seeing his pupil in such distress, the Jedi Master leant over to dispense some of the wisdom of his years.

Use the forks, Luke he whispered, Use the forks.

(Copied from a comment on Slashdot. Oh, the article is about some Star war fans produced their own Star War movie. They have way too much time than I do...)


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