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Sunday, February 20, 2005


I used to play an extremely fun game on SNES: the Super Bomberman 3. 5 playes, blast the others with different kinds of bomb... that was a very simple but tons of fun game to play. The most fun is with 5 people staying in front of a small TV, trying to kill each other. That was way before DOOM and other online multi-players games.

Then I graduated, and forgot about this game all together. Until yesterday... we were brain storming on what to do this rainy President day weekend, and someone suggested playing multi-players computer games... the first multi-players game I remember, of course, is Bomberman :D

I found The Atomic Bomberman, a 10(!) players IPX-based PC replica of the Bomberman. I wasn't aware of this game until today. It was designed for Windows 98, and had been abandoned by the game company. Well, doesn't matter, as long as it ran on our PCs. We found that the game ran on XP professional only, no good for Windows 2000 / XP home. Also, wireless network could not handle the (flooding) IPX traffic and disconnected frequently. However, once we had everything setup, that is, a total of 4 computers connected to the ethernet hub, we were in business. We had a total of 8 not-too-young people, and boy-oh-boy, we were shouting and yelling like crazy. Reminded me of my university life :)


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